We invite you to know the place where our wines are born. We offer visits to the winery, tours of the vineyards, special tastings, country lunches and an apartment.

The Zorzal experience

Zorzal ExperienceExperience the Zorzal Wines universe from the inside through a  stay at our estate. We have a 2-room apartment with all the comfortsyou need to have a unique  stay next to our winery and among the vineyards. 

Depending on the time of year, the Zorzal Experience includes the possibility of participating in the different stages of the vine production process: pruning during the cold months and harvesting during the warmer months. With a maximum capacity for 2 people, this proposal is perfect for couples, friends or family who share our passion for viticulture.

A Country lunch

The most genuine flavors of Mendoza are found in Zorzal Wines. The typical regional empanadas and the asado (barbeque) with its variety of side dishes are the ideal pairing for our Terroir wines. Enjoy a delicious gastronomic experience under the sun, among vines and in a unique landscape.


At Zorzal Wines we offer different tastings adapted to the preferences of our visitors.

Traditional Tasting

This proposal consists of a visit to the winery to fully understand the winemaking process and a tasting of four varieties of our Zorzal wines from our Terroir Único, Zorzal Gran Terroir and Eggo lines.

Tasting Icons

This tasting allows you to enter the world of our iconic wines. Like the Traditional tasting, it includes a tour of the winery and the tasting of four varieties of our Zorzal wines; Terroir Único, Zorzal Gran Terroir and Eggo lines, to which is added an iconic wine of your choice – Porfiado, Piantao or El Barba.

Vertical Tasting

Through a vertical tasting of our top-of-the-range Eggo Tinto de Tiza or Piantao wines, it is possible to discover the characters of our iconic wines and their amazing evolution.This includes a visit to the winery

The Library Tasting

We invite you to taste the oldest vintages of Zorzal wines, the authentic treasures of the winery that can only be found in-house.. It includes a visit to the winery.

*All tastings can include the guided tour of our winemaker Juan Pablo Michelini by paying a supplementary fee.


For reservations and further information, please contact us at

or via Whatsapp +54 9 2613 45-6775.