We invite you to discover the place where our wines are born. You can visit the wine cellar, take a tour around the vineyards, with special tastings and the possibility of staying in a private and extremely comfortable environment in the heart of the Zorzal Wines.

The Zorzal experience


Enjoy the Zorzal Wines universe from the inside through this unique proposal: lodging at our vineyard, specifically at our 2-room department with all conveniences for an unforgettable stay in our winery, among the vineyards.


Depending on the time of the year, the Zorzal Experience includes the possibility of taking part in the various stages of the vine’s production process: pruning (during the colder months) and harvesting (taking place at the grape harvest). This proposal is available for two people maximum, so it is perfect for couples, friends and family members who are as passionate about winemaking as we are.

Countryside lunch


The most representative flavors of Mendoza can be found at Zorzal Wines. The typical regional empanadas, as well as the asado and its wide variety of side dishes, can perfectly pair our terroir wines.


Enjoy a unique culinary experience in the sun, among vines and surrounded by an unrivalled landscape.


Zorzal Wines offers different tastings tailored to the profile of each of our visitors.

Traditional Tasting

This proposal consists of a tour around the wine cellar to thoroughly understand the winemaking process, in addition to a tasting including 4 wines of our Zorzal Terroir Único, Zorzal Gran Terroir and Eggo lines.

Icon Tasting

This option allows you to get into the world of our icon wines. Just like the simple tasting, it includes the tour around the wine cellar and the 4-wine tasting, made up of the Zorzal Terroir Único, Zorzal Gran Terroir and Eggo lines, adding an icon wine of your choice (Porfiado, Piantao or El Barba).

Vertical Tasting

You will be able to learn about our winery’s spirit and search, the stamp of our icon wines and their astonishing evolution through the vertical tasting of our high-end wines Eggo Tinto de Tiza or Piantao. The tour around the wine cellar is included.

Historical Tasting

You are invited to taste the oldest vintages of our Zorzal Wines, the authentic winery’s treasures that can only be found in our home. The tour around the wine cellar is included.

*All tastings can include the guided tour of our winemaker Juan Pablo Michelini by paying a supplementary fee.


For reservations and further information, please contact us at

or via Whatsapp +54 9 2613 35-6290.